Les Traversées Baroques

Tuesday July 23rd - 11 am and 5 pm / Church of Valloire

Musical Promenade: 11 am concert at the church, 12 pm walk to the Villards hamlet, 1 pm picnic with the musicians, 2:30 pm libre-cours conference by Gaël de Kerret assisted by Marie-Hélène Finas, 4 pm walk back to the church, 5 pm concert at the church

Tupasy Maria

by Les Traversées Baroques, direction Judith Pacquier

Tupasy Maria, “Mother of God”, is a title in the Guarani language taken from a sacred song of the missions in the Chiquitos region in Bolivia. This programme offers marian works from Peru, Guatemala, Mexico or Bolivia but also from Seville, the mother city of all conquests. The various evangelising orders rapidly identified the cults of “goddess-mother” widespread among the Amerindians. They wanted to see in them the equivalent of the devotion to the Virgin among the Catholics.

In December 1531, Mary, as a young girl, appeared to the Indian Juan Diego Cuauhtlaoatzin. She spoke to him and asked to have a shrine built in her honour on the Cerro de Tepeyac.

At first incredulous, the church authorities granted the request following a succession of miracles and had a shrine built. The event had a decisive impact on evangelisation: from then on, the Indians were acknowledged as endowed with a soul and killing a native became a sin. The marian cult then spread to the whole continent, finding a musical illustration in paraliturgical pieces, the villancicos, as well as in a great number of hymns dedicated to the Virgin.

This programme gives pride of place to composers from the New World but also to anonymous music by Indians who wrote without signing their works, for, at that time, only priests composed.

Les Traversées Baroques

The ensemble Les Traversées Baroques already came to Valloire in 2022, closing the edition devoted to Florence with a memorable reconstruction of the Interludes from La Pellegrina. They are coming back with a reduced number of musicians to adjust to the format of our Musical Promenades.

Judith Pacquier – cornetto

After studying the recorder, analysis, and history music, Judith Pacquier very soon devoted herself to her favourite instrument, the cornetto. A recognised concert performer, she pursues a career as an instrumentalist within a number of European ensembles, regularly contributing to their concert and recording activities. With a passion for teaching and transmission, from 2000 to 2013, she directed the Conservatoire Itinérant, an innovative project initiated by the Chemins du Baroque throughout Latin America.

Judith Pacquier is Chevalière de l’ordre des Arts et Lettres.

Capucine Keller – soprano

Capucine Keller completed brilliant music studies in Switzerland then started her career performing various roles in Baroque opera: Ninfa, la Musica and Eurydice in L’Orfeo (Monteverdi), the Second Witch and Second Woman in Dido and Aeneas (Purcell), Vittoria Archilei, Anfitrite and Armonia in La Pellegrina… She is a founding member of the ensemble Chiome d’Oro and sings in concerts and in many recordings with Les Traversées Baroques, Clematis, la Cappella Mediterranea, the Ensemble Clément Janequin…

Cappuccino Keller is artistic director of Festival La Folia at Rougemont (Switzerland). 

Laurent Stewart – organ and harpsichord

After studying in Verona then Lille where he won his 1rst prizes in harpsichord and chamber music, Laurent Stewart perfected his skills at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, also studying organ with Jean Boyer. Regularly invited at major international festivals, he has performed in numerous concerts within such ensembles as Les Traversées Baroques, La Fenice, Akadêmia, Ricercar consort, Clément Janequin, le Poème Harmonique…


Pieces by Francisco Correa de Araujo, Andrès Flores, Tomàs de Torrejon y Velasco, Juan de Araujo, Tomàs Luis de Victoria, Francisco Guerrero, Juan de Lienas, and anonymous pieces.


Capucine Keller, soprano

Judith Pacquier, cornetto and recorder

Laurent Stewart, organ and harpsichord

Les Traversées Baroques is supported by the Ministère de la Culture (DRAC Bourgogne Franche-Comté) as a subsidised musical and vocal ensemble, the Conseil Régional de Bourgogne Franche-Comté, the Conseil Départemental de la Côte d’Or and the City of Dijon (under agreement).