Musical promenades

The Festival Valloire baroque seeks to highlight the rich baroque heritage of this Maurienne village. Concerts and gatherings take place at the Notre-Dame de l’Assomption church, a remarkable example of Savoyard baroque, but also in chapels and other “unusual” venues.

The Musical Promenades offer an opportunity to wander through some of the once lively neighbouring hamlets.

These promenades feature two short concerts, one at 11 am, the other at 5 pm, both at the Valloire church.

Following the morning concert, festivalgoers are invited to a promenade to one of the mountain hamlets for a picnic on the alp and “close” exchanges with the musicians.

Lunch is followed by a Libre-cours lecture on music, art, local heritage or mountain sites, either in the hamlet chapel or a barn.

Then, it is down the mountain footpaths, back to Valloire, where the à la carte programme of the Musical Promenades ends with a second concert at 5 pm in the village church.

The Musical Promenades do ample justice to the festival’s now legendary motto: The Festival Valloire baroque offers “a mix of effort and elation, as jointly required and attained in mountain hikes and the performance or audition of classical music”.

From the start, the Musical Promenades have been, as it were, the festival’s trademark and also the rallying point of enthusiastic, “regular” patrons.