Educational initiatives

Every season since 2012, the Festival Valloire baroque offers, together with the Espace Culturel Le Savoie, an educational concert at Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne.

An all-audience concert, it is in particular designed to awaken a desire for classical music among the younger, but also, in line with the association’s purpose, “to develop an interest for this music among the residents of Valloire and the neighbouring area”.

There have been quite a number of beautiful experiences since the first concert in 2012!

Among them was La Volière royale, the highly pastoral concert by Alice Julien-Laferrière imitating birdsongs with her violin… against a backdrop of on-screen photos of the very birds.

There was also Le violin magique by the string ensemble SyLF, featuring a violin maker and a live full-screen film of his work putting together an instrument played at the end of the concert.

Not to forget the Bric Baroque à Brac show by the Fitzwilliam ensemble accompanied by an actress whose performance mixed music, tale-telling, poetry and magic, and of course, to inaugurate the series in 2012, the impressive concert of baroque percussion by Marie-Ange Petit’s ensemble.

Since 2022, the educational activities of the Festival have been expanding. The Festival develops the concept of cultural bridges through shows or concerts which combine Baroque music and modern aesthetics: hip-hop dance in 2022 with Ophélie Gaillard and Kelly Mota, slam in 2023 with La Bellezza and Slamouraï, and circus arts in 2024.

The concert or show takes place on Sunday at Valloire in the Salle Gabriel Julliard, and on Monday at Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne.

The Monday show includes the active participation of children from the Valloire and valley leisure centres. They attend workshops with the artists in the morning, and then are immersed in the afternoon show.

The Festival intends to expand further its offer of artistic and cultural educational activities, with various projects and partnerships to be launched from 2024 onwards.