Wednesday July 24th - 9 pm / Church of Valloire

The peasant singers

by Ensemble Artifices, direction Alice Julien-Laferrière

© A. Thiallier

Bach music sung in French… such is the approach chosen by Ensemble Artifices for their revisited version of the Peasants’ Cantata. This secular, burlesque cantata is here incidentally punctuated with instrumental interludes.

Indeed, if Bach mainly uses strings to accompany the playful dialogue, he also allows the flute and the horn to intervene briefly. Boldly pastiching the famous Folia, he also quotes popular airs in abundance.

Why not then see this as an opportunity to insert movements from Sebastian Bodinus’s Sonata for flute, violin, horn and continuo?

Singers and instrumentalists together thus indulge in a light-hearted country farce, in a style both rustic and galant!

Ensemble Artifices

Ensemble Artifices was born out of Alice Julien-Laferrière’s research into the influence of the art of imitation on the violin idiom, a pregnant theme of Baroque thinking keen on trompe-l’oeil and illusion techniques.

Since the ensemble was created in 2013, Alice Julien-Laferrière and the artists she surrounds herself with have been devising programmes that bring together various domains: literature, historical research, drama, circus art, singing, bell ringing, ecology, ornithology…

While developing a local activity around the Turbine mill in Saône-et-Loire, Ensemble Artifices regularly performs in many unusual, natural venues, such as regional parks, or museum gardens. It has also been invited to appear at major festivals: La Folle Journée in Nantes, Via Aeterna, the Midsummer festival at the château d’Hardelot, Ambronay, the Cité de la Voix in Vézelay and many other sites, venturing as far as the Botanical Gardens in Singapore.

As well as creating and touring concerts and shows, Ensemble Artifices devises various actions of communication aimed at different audiences: concerts and shows for all ages or adapted for children, music lectures, presentations in schools, musical walks or else record and record-book publishing. The musicians of Ensemble Artifices also visit hospital patients and residents of nursing homes, with a programme devised in partnership with the “Artists in Hospitals” foundation.


Pieces by Jean-Sébastien Bach (1685-1750) and Sebastian Bodinus (1700-1759).


Romain Bockle, vocals

Lise Viricel, vocals

And the instrumentalists of Ensemble Artifices

Violins : Alice Julien-Laferrière and David Rabinovici

Viola : Minori Deguchi or Xavier Sichel

Cello: Cécile Vérolles

Double bass: François Leyrit

Flute: Matthieu Bertaud or Jacques-Antoine Bresch

Horn : Lucien Julien-Laferrière or Pierre-Antoine Tramblay

Harpsichord: Kazuya Gunji or Mathieu Valfré

A performance by Ensemble Artifices in co-production with Bach en Combrailles.

Ensemble Artifices is supported by the Ministère de la Culture/DRAC Bourgogne-Franche-Comté under the three-year agreement, the Centre National de la Musique, SACEM – La Culture avec la Copie privée and SPEDIDAM.