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While waiting to discover the summer 2017 program, relive some of our summer 2016
with the text of the Libre-cours at Gaël de Kerret : “Bach, c’est Tout, mais encore ?” [french]> HERE <

Music and videos of invited artists


– 17-01-2017 pending confirmation

Antics & Curiosities !

In italics, the programme of La Traverse (the Off festival).
Monday July 24th / St-Michel-de-Maurienne
Tuesday July 25th / Valloire
Dance versus Dance
Ensemble Stradivaria and Yann-Fañch Kemener


Tuesday July 25th / Valloire
Workshop: « Did you say baroque dance ? »
by Co Talon Pointe with Véronique Elouard
Wednesday July 26th, La Traverse (the Off)
Leipzig, 1730 – Telemann/Bach/Haendel
Ensemble l’Archivolte

Wednesday July 26th
The Matron of Ephesus
Ensemble La Rêveuse and Jeffrey Thomson, tenor


Thursday July 27th, Musical promenade
Padre Soler recital
Diego Ares
Libre-cours lecture by Gaël de Kerret


Friday July 28th, La Traverse (the Off)
[ Programming waiting ]
Friday July 28th
The Viennese Bestiary
Ensemble Les Cyclopes


Saturday July 29th, La Traverse (the Off)
The Cabaret of Chamber Music
Louko Duo
Saturday July 29th, La Traverse (the Off)
Valloire enchanté – Sing-along concert – Alexis Josserand (direction)

Saturday July 29th
Libre-cours lecture by Amandine Beyer and G. de Kerret « The Four Seasons »
Sunday July 30th
The Four Seasons – Vivaldi
Ensemble Gli Incogniti and Amandine Beyer


Monday July 31st, La Traverse (the Off)
Once upon a time

Le Consort Brouillamini

Tuesday August 1st, Musical promenade
Harpsichord-lute/Viola da gamba
O. Baumont/C. Plubeau
Libre-cours lecture by Marc Dumont


Wednesday August 2nd, La Traverse (the Off)
The entourage of Johann-Sebastian Bach
Ludi Musici


Wednesday August 2nd
The High Road to Kilkenny
Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien and Robert Getchell, tenor