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Breton repertoire – dance
Milliner Pondi
Kas a Barh
Marin Marais (1656 – 1728)
Sonata « la Maraisienne »
Breton repertoire – dance
Petit Plinn
Anther Dro
Gaspard Le Roux (1660 – 1707)
Breton repertoire – dance
François Couperin (1668 – 1733)
Air léger
Breton repertoire – dance
François Couperin (1668 – 1733)
Air animé et léger
Joseph Bodin De Boismortier (1689 – 1755)
Breton repertoire – dance
Donni Donné
Louis-Nicolas Clérambault (1676 – 1749)
Breton repertoire – dance
Louis Couperin (1626 – 1661)
Breton repertoire – dance
Suite Plinn : Plinn simple, Bal Plinn, Ton double
Yann-Fañch Kemener, singing
Daniel Cuiller, violin
Aldo Ripoche, violoncello
Brice Sailly, harpsichord

Dance versus Dance

Monday July 24th, 15:00 – Espace Culturel Le Savoie (St-Michel-de-Maurienne)
Tuesday July 25th, 21:00 – Valloire Church
Original in many respects, this programme results from the joint reflection carried out since 2012 by Yann-Fañch Kemener, Aldo Ripoche and Daniel Cuiller. It mingles the Breton heritage of popular dances with the repertoire of baroque dances composed under Louis XIV. The process of inventing, playing, memorizing music, then gathering a group to perform a set choreography, placed dancing at the crux of social relationships at the king’s court as well as among country people.
A cross of these legacies, mixing different vocal and instrumental playing styles, « Dance versus Dance » pays homage to the musical practices linked to dancing in Lower Brittany as well as at Versailles.
The programme is coproduced with Big Bravo Spectacles.

Stradivaria – Ensemble Baroque de Nantes

Founded in 1987, Stradivaria – Ensemble Baroque de Nantes, conducted by violinist Daniel Cuiller, addresses the great composers of the baroque era. The ensemble makes a point of reviving the 17th and 18th-century repertoire according to the historical demands inherent to this musical patrimony.
Widely acclaimed by the public, Stradivaria’s string players have achieved a highly distinctive sound, all at once rich, full, seamless, built on complete mastery of colours and harmony.
This has earned the ensemble a top-notch reputation both in France and worldwide. Such success is supported by many recordings, all praised by music critics. Among them, J.S. Bach’s keyboard concertos (2009 Choc award by Classica magazine and Critics’ Choice in British Gramophone magazine); Fontana’s sonatas (5 Diapason awards by Diapason magazine and 4 stars by Classica) ; Henry Madin’s Te Deum (Choc award by Classica and ffff by Télérama magazine in June 2016).
For two years now, Stradivaria and Anacréon have organized the Loire Valley International Early Music Competition, presided by William Christie.
Yann-Fañch Kemener
The “Golden Voice” of Breton music, Yann-Fañch Kemener is first attracted to Breton singing through his mother’s lullabies. In the 70’s, he starts collecting songs and tales from elders, the keepers of a culture then threatened with extinction. He devotes his life to the enhancement of this heritage, as shown by his abundant recording career.
Daniel Cuiller
Soon after creating L’Ensemble Baroque de France, Daniel Cuiller becomes concertmaster of Les Arts Florissants, until 1986. The following year, he founds Stradivaria to serve his desire to combine the practice of period instruments, applied research, transmission and recordings.
Aldo Ripoche teaches violoncello at the Saint-Malo Conservatory. Together with singer Yann-Fãnc Kemener, he endeavours to bring to light classical Breton music. Their recordings have been granted some of the most prestigious awards (Grand prix de l’Académie Charles Cros, Choc du Monde de la Musique, Bravo de Trad-Magazine…)
Brice Sailly
Much sought after both as a harpsichordist and vocal coach, Brice Sailly accompanies Agnès Mellon and Dominique Visse in their recitals and also appears with Capriccio Stravagante (Skip Sempé), Pulcinella (Ophélie Gaillard), Il Seminario Musicale (Gérard Lesne), Collegium Vocale de Gand (Philippe Herreweghe), La Rêveuse (B. Perrot & F. Bolton), Stradivaria
Stradivaria is supported by la Région des Pays de la Loire, l’Etat-Préfet de la région Pays de la Loire, the city of Nantes and le Conseil Départemental de Loire-Atlantique.
Le Crédit Mutuel Loire-Atlantique Centre-Ouest and its branches at Chantenay, Contrie and St Clair, Grégoire Besson, La société Yanet, Virage Group and Ferri Gestion, Hôtel Astoria and Desevedavy are all members of « Continuo », Stradivaria’s business club.
Stradivaria is a member of Fédération des Ensembles Vocaux et Instrumentaux Spécialisés (FEVIS) and PROFEDIM.

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