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Dietrich Buxtehude (c. 1637 – 1707)
Toccata in G major Bux 165
Trio sonata in B flat major opus 2
Karl Friedrich Abel (1723 – 1787)
Pieces for unaccompanied viola da gamba
Johann Georg Pisendel (1687 – 1755)
Sonata in C minor for violin and basso continuo
Johann Kuhnau (1660 – 1722)
Partita in F major (Neuer Clavier-Übung)
Georg Philipp Telemann (1681 – 1767)
Trio sonata in F major
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750)
Trio sonata in E flat major, arr. of Organ sonata BWV 525
Karl Friedrich Abel (1723 – 1787)
Trio sonata in C major
Ludi Musici
Simon Pierre, violin
Etienne Floutier, viola da gamba
Tristan Le Goff, harpsichord

The entourage of Johann-Sebastian Bach

Wednesday August 2nd – 17:00 – Benoît’s Sawmill

The ensemble Ludi Musici comes into existence in Lyon in 2014, the brainchild of three musicians all trained at the Lyon CNSMD and the Geneva Haute Ecole de Musique. With a keen interest in the repertoires of the 17th and 18th centuries, and special affinities for singing and counterpoint, the three musicians endeavour to internalize the specific idiom and various musical styles of the baroque period.
Since its creation, the ensemble has been invited at Le Printemps des Orgues at Le Creusot, at the festival De la Plaine au Coteau in Burgundy, at the Lavaudieu festival, at la Chrysalide des Arts at Taluyers, at La Semaine musicale at Eourres, at la Boîte à Gants in Lyon.
Simon Pierre
First trained at Bordeaux, his birthplace, Simon Pierre enrols at the Lyon CNSMD where he receives a Master’s degree, first-class honours, in June 2015.
In the course of his studies he attends several master-classes, notably with Amandine Beyer, Chiara Banchini, Suzan Scholtz…
He regularly performs with such ensembles as Le Concert Spirituel, L’ensemble Zaïs, L’Ensemble Baroque Atlantique, Les Farceurs Lyriques and Le Concert de l’Hostel Dieu.
Etienne Floutier
He starts studying viola da gamba at the Dieppe Conservatory, and then is accepted at Marianne Muller’s class at the Lyon CNSMD, where he receives his Master’s degree in June 2013.
He attends a number of music academies, courses and master-classes, drawing on the expertise of Christophe Coin, James Munro, Wieland Kuijken…
He regularly appears with various ensembles where he plays viol and violone, among them, Correspondances, La Capella Sanctae Crucis, Doulce Mémoire, La Chapelle Rhénane…
Tristan Le Goff
With a B.A. in musicology, he enters the Geneva Haute Ecole de Musique where he studies with Alfonso Fedi, Leonardo Garcia Alarcon, Nicole Hostettler, for clavichord, and William Dongois, for improvisation, and where he receives a Master’s degree in music performance/concert, in 2011.
He teaches harpsichord and piano, regularly plays the Ahrend organ of the Primatiale Saint-Jean in Lyon, and, as harpsichordist, performs with La Festa Celeste, Maritsa and Les Farceurs lyriques…
Ludi Musici’s web site : www.ludimusici.com