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Solistes XXI

Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)
Magnificat for 6 voices and basso continuo from the Marian Vespers (1610)
Jean-Paul Holstein (born in 1939)
Nouveau Magnificat
Et autres pièces et Madrigaux de Claudio Monteverdi et de Carlo Gesualdo et de Claudio Monteverdi…
Solistes XXI
One Quartet of solo voices (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) extended to 6 voices for Monteverdi’s Magnificat
One woodwind Trio (1 flute and 2 oboes)
One Keyboard (organ, harpsichord or piano)
One string Instrumentalist (cello)
Christophe Grapperon, direction
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Monteverdi – Holstein, from one Magnificat to another

Monday July 30th, 21:00 – Valloire church
As part of the tribute the Festival Valloire baroque will offer Monteverdi, Jean-Paul Holstein has deemed it opportune to compose a work inspired by both the spirit and the text of one of the countless masterpieces written by the great Italian musician. The “Nouveau Magnificat” thus obeys a dual approach, borrowing inspiration from Monteverdi’s “Magnificat for 6 Voices“ with easily recognizable musical quotes clad in new tones, while demonstrating that musical emotion springs from the expression of spiritual transcendence.
Instruments expand the quartet of vocal soloists: a cello – the paragon of the human voice -, two oboes and a flute – that breath may create sounds, an organ – that harmony may resonate– and a female choir for three equal voices – a faraway, ethereal echo of music.
Jean-Paul Holstein wishes that his work be performed after Monteverdi’s so that kinship as well as dissimilarity may appear all the more strikingly.

L’ensemble Solistes XXI

Founded in 1988 by Rachid Safir, the Solistes XXI ensemble expands on the core chamber vocal repertoire, not only building on the polyphonic works of the Early Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the nascent Baroque, but also soliciting new scores from composers the world over, in order to place different periods and styles in perspective. Solistes XXI is indeed intent on securing a place for contemporary music while restoring its natural expressiveness. With an interest in computer-aided composition, broadcasting, and processing of live sound, the musicians often collaborate with Ircam for various new works (“Visio” by Edith Canat de Chizy, “Maria Republica”, an opera by François Paris…). Their CD “Quid sit Musicus ?”, musics by Philippe Leroux, Guillaume de Machaut and Jacob de Senlèches, is awarded the Grand Prix International du Disque 2015 of the Académie Charles Cros.
In August 2016, Christophe Grapperon succeeds Rachid Safir as director of the ensemble.
Christophe Grapperon
Christophe Grapperon starts his career as singer, whether as soloist or baritone within a number of vocal ensembles of contemporary or Early music (Soli-Tutti, Séquensa 9.3, Diabolus in Musica…). His activities progressively get him interested in direction, working with Jean-Philippe Sarcos (Académie de Musique des Grandes Ecoles et Universités de Paris), Marc Minkowski (Musiciens du Louvre choir at Grenoble), Loïc Boissier (Compagnie Les Brigands), and Laurence Equilbey (Accentus choir).
With Laurence Equilbey again, he directs a number of sing along concerts, notably during the performances of “Ciboulette” at the Opéra-Comique (2013 and 2015), or during the performance of Handel’s Messiah at the Nouvelle Philharmonie (2015). Back at the Opéra-Comique, after directing the grandiose “opéraoké” project of June 2016, he leads pre-concerts sessions and hosts choral singing workshops all along the 2017 season.
Now director of the Solistes XXI, he continues his musical career, as ever headed for eclecticism and shared enjoyment.
Solistes XXI is supported by DRAC Ile-de-France – Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, and by SACEM. The ensemble has applied to SPEDIDAM for aid for this concert. It is a member of FEVIS.
The biography of Jean-Paul Holstein, the composer of the “Nouveau Magnificat”, can be found by following this > link <