The Festival

pic_dominiqueDominique Longchamp

In 2009, Dominique Longchamp brought together the founding team of the Festival Valloire baroque, a project whose main lines he had devised.

The team, about twenty persons, either native of Valloire or “adopted”, rapidly evolved into an organizing team, managed, year after year, since the first season of the festival in 2010, by the initiator of the project.

Today, strengthened by the cohesion and harmony of their team, the organizers are increasingly skilled in the tricks of their “trade”. They are proud to receive messages of encouragement, such as that of a Savoyard politician :“I congratulate you for the quality of the work  you have achieved to promote this wonderful event that does honour to the cultural programme of the Maurienne valley.”

The 2018 Season

Dominique Longchamp

President of  Amis du Festival Valloire baroque


Welcome to you, dear loyal festivalgoers, and welcome to you, dear casual visitors!


With Monteverdi, the ingenious pathfinder to the Baroque, voices will be at the heart of the 9th edition of the festival.

The most prominent performers of the great composer will contribute to the programme. This year again, Gaël de Kerret, our Artistic Director, has called on “first-class musicians gathered around a coherent theme”, in keeping with the line he set from the very start, as we well know.

I do not wish to encroach on Gaël’s editorial which rightly points to our guests of honour, Leonardo García Alarcón or Jean Tubéry, to name just two of them, but I would like to insist on two remarkable elements of the 2018 programme.

On the one hand, we have invited Bernard Klasen, a Professor at the Institut Catholique of Paris, an expert – among other things – of religious architecture; his libre-cours lecture entitled “Baroque architecture, the sky is not the limit!” will help us decipher this profuse architecture… a dive into the spirit of the Baroque, at – of all places (!) – Valloire, where music obviously and loudly resonates with architecture! On the other hand, a New Magnificat will premiere – a symbol if any – at the church of Notre Dame de l’Assomption, performed by the Solistes XXI ensemble. Jean-Paul Holstein was commissioned by the festival to compose this work which he presents as follows: “This creation […] draws from Monteverdi’s “Magnificat a sei voci” borrowing easily recognizable musical quotes, clad in new tones […] to demonstrate that the expression of spiritual transcendence is one of the secret sources […] of musical emotion”.

With this initiative, which brings together Early music and contemporary creation, the festival again shows how very much alive it is.


From a different angle, I would like to share with you our vision of the festival.

The festival must be some kind of “mediator” of musical culture, best handed over through the pleasure of listening, a source of peacefulness and wisdom. This is why the festival exists, a mission, you might say, and what drives its organizing team.

In today’s environment, the festival should also be an economic contributor to our area, as well as a vector of its identity and influence.

Viewed as such, the festival cannot be but a long-term project.  Any entrepreneur’s ultimate dream, durability, sustainability, whichever you call it, will only be achieved if this enterprise gets enough support not to rest and rely solely on a team of volunteers,  enthusiastic and dedicated though they well may be, but on a volunteers-professionals “tandem”.  Building such a partnership, with all the financial aspects involved, has become a haunting issue… All suggestions are welcome !