The Association “Les Amis du Festival Valloire baroque”

The objective of the association is to promote classical music, and more particularly baroque music, in Valloire and its area. It is meant to develop people’s interest for this music by means of a Festival which will take advantage of the rich baroque architecture in Valloire and its area.

The board

PresidentDominique Longchamp
Vice-presidentJérôme Fromental
Vice-presidentFrançois Baguet
SecretaryJanick Savoye
TreasurerChristian Pétraz
AdministratorMarie Doncoeur
AdministratorJean-Paul Doncoeur
AdministratorMarie-Hélène Finas
Administrator – Mairie de ValloireJean-Pierre Rougeaux
Administrator – Paroisse de ValloirePère André Ngo


Sous-Préfecture de St Jean de Maurienne le 21/10/2009 – W733000276

JO du 31/10/2009

SIRET 518 260 492 00013

APE 9001Z Arts du spectacle vivant

Licence d’Entrepreneur de Spectacles 3ème catégorie N° 3-1034228

The Valloire baroque Festival owes its success to the dedication and the energy of the volunteers who give it life.

Many thanks to them!