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Fanny HENSEL MENDELSSOHN (1806 – 1847)
Ave Maria
Clara SCHUMANN (1829 – 1896)
Ich stand in dunklen Träumen
Sie liebten sich beide
Die stille Lotosblume
Impromptu N°17 (piano seul)
Cécile CHAMINADE (1857 – 1944)
Bonne humeur
Ballade à la lune
Gabriel FAURE (1877 – 1962)
Mélisande’s song – extrait de « Pelléas et Mélisande »
Mel BONIS (1858 – 1937)
Mélisande (piano seul) – extrait de « Femmes de légende »
Augusta HOLMES (1847 – 1903)
Les Voix du rêve
Pauline VIARDOT (1821 – 1910)
La Japonaise
Rebecca CLARKE (1886 – 1979)
2 Yeats’ songs : Shy one ; The Clothes of heaven
Nadia BOULANGER (1887 – 1979)
Lili BOULANGER (1893 – 1918)
Prélude en Ré b (piano seul)
Amy BEACH (1867 – 1944)
3 Shakespeare’s songs : Take those lips away ; Mistress mine ; Fair Lullaby

Duo Intempor’Elles
Katia Bentz, soprano
Valérie Mercier, piano

Femmes remarquables

Friday July 28th – 17:00 – Salle Gabriel Julliard
Duo Intempor’Elles came into existence in 2014, the joint creation of two artists committed to an original approach of music.
Dedicated to women composers and iconic female figures in music, “Femmes remarquables”, “Ladies of interest”, is their second programme.

Katia Bentz_web Katia Bentz
First Prize for singing in 2003, a prize-winner in several international competitions, a member of the Studio International of Zurich Opera, she perfects her skills at masterclasses (Gabriel Bacquier, Gérard Lesne, Francisco Araiza…) and lends her voice on stage to quite a number of female opera figures (Mozart, Rossini, Bellini, Handel, Offenbach, Humperdinck…) in France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy, under the direction, notably, of Claudio Abbado, Jean-Claude Malgoire, Gabriel Garrido, or Laurence Equilbey. More recently, she has accompanied Ophélie Gaillard and her ensemble Pulcinella in a Handel programme given at the Festival Valloire Baroque.
Also holder of a Master in Language Sciences, she creates her own projects, exploring in particular, since 2012, the art of speech-song, through various epochs and styles. Following her personal Ariadne’s thread, she travels from antiquity to modern times, on a playful, enjoyable, musical journey.

Valérie Mercier
A concert pianist with a diploma of the Paris Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique, Valérie Mercier attends various classes, piano, accompaniment, choral conducting, musical analysis and composition, under the tuition of Chantal Riou, Angéline Pondepeyre, Alain Louvier, Jean François Zigel, Erika Guiomar, and Jeanine Reiss… She then completes a diploma course at the Lyon Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique. With a strong interest in education, she ventures into other artistic domains, gaining experience in drama, singing and dancing and gets involved in many operatic performances as vocal coach and in many concerts both as soloist and chamber musician. Valérie Mercier currently teaches accompaniment and also performs as accompanist at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional at Annecy.

Katia Bentz’s web site : soundcloud.com/katiabentzsoprano