The 2023 Festival

Dominique Longchamp, Président of Amis du Festival Valloire baroque – Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres

From the blossoming of Baroque in early 17th century Florence, the theme of the 2022 festival, the 2023 edition will fly us into the middle of the 18th century, in Paris this time, to explore a moment of great effervescence among and around composers, at the advent of classicism.

I often hear festival-goers say “I was at Valloire for the Bach year”, or “for the Naples year”, or… and I can imagine you, dear faithful music lovers of the 2023 Festival Valloire baroque, soon proclaiming that you have understood everything about the moment of exciting creation reflected in the title “PARIS 1752, fever mounts at the Palais Royal”. Indeed, true to its word, the festival makes a point of offering each year “a body of identifiable musical culture”… served by the most talented performers!

Last year, the Festival inaugurated the concept of a “cultural bridge” show. After combining Early music and hip hop dance in 2022, this year, the “bridge” will associate baroque music and slam. The performers will artfully demonstrate that “classical music” and “contemporary artistic expression” are closer to each other than one may think. This proposal is meant to win over a new audience and awaken in them a taste for classical music. I would like to add that the performance at the Espace Culturel Le Savoie will be preceded by a writing workshop for children who will then be invited to slam on stage during the show, an educational action likely to broaden their mind and bring them the joy of sharing in a thing of beauty!

Once again open to change, La Traverse (the Off) has invited a Chœur kilométrique, set up on the initiative of the Comités d’Action Culturelle de Maurienne. They are heartily welcome. As for the Valloire enchanté concert, it will bring together choristers from all over France, directed again this year by a woman choir leader from Chambéry, in a selection of works by female composers, then by a choirmaster from Île de France in Fauré’s Requiem.

Welcome to Valloire, for a week’s (or just a few days’) musical pleasure while enjoying the inexhaustible resources of a hospitable mountain environment.