Cie Talon Pointe_Atelier-Confédanse : Vous avez dit Danse baroque ?

FEUILLET_Danse baroque

Atelier-Confédanse :
Vous avez dit Danse baroque ?

Workshop open to the public from age 10
Tuesday July 25th, 14:30 – Marquee (avenue de la Vallée d’Or)
A journey through the history of dancing
Halfway between lecture and dancing lesson, this « confédanse » revives a chosen historical period through dance performances and exchanges with the audience. Not just onlookers, people are indeed invited to try steps and study the sequences of Renaissance dances such as the branle, the pavan and the galliard, or Baroque dances such as the minuet and the bourrée. They get acquainted with the Feuillet notation, the costumes, music and instruments of various periods, and measure the influence of dancing on politics.
BOURREE_Cie Talon Pointe
Véronique ELOUARD
First trained as a ballet dancer, she soon focuses on period and traditional dances, eager to investigate the history of dancing. She also trains in contemporary ballet and participates in various creations mixing Baroque and Contemporary styles.
A passionate educationalist, she works with children during or outside school hours and regularly conducts adult training courses both in France and abroad.
She was head of the dance department at the CMTRA (Centre de Musiques Traditionnelles Rhône Alpes) between 1994 and 2004.

Compagnie Talon Pointe
Véronique ELOUARD and Frédéric VERSHOORE, dances
Piaire RAMBAUD, nyckelharpa