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Into the winds

The gothic breath

by Into the Winds

Tuesday July 27th – Musical promenade *

13th-century France. The whole kingdom labours to quarry, cut, haul stone, to stack it into thick walls, to carve and polish it, and last aim it at the sky in ever higher tapered spires… Saint-Denis, Reims, Cambrai, Amiens, Beauvais, but also countless chapels, abbeys and priories scattered throughout the countryside to this day, so many tangible traces of our forebears’ craft.

The two musical interludes by Into the Winds play again the forgotten soundtrack of those who for three centuries toiled to fashion such wonders of chiselled patterns and stained-glass windows. The first part will present ceremonial and festive pieces from the French, Italian and Burgundian courts, highlighting the refined aesthetics of the nobility in the Middle Ages and at the start of the Renaissance. The second part will be devoted to the universal language of dancing in the 13th and 14th centuries, reviving a world in turn contrasted, lively and colourful.

Into the Winds

is first and foremost a sound, a powerful, striking, hypnotic and one of a kind sound, borne by wind instruments with singular, colourful timbres echoing from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

© Bertrand PICHENE – CCR_Ambronay

The invigorating breath and the energizing vibration they convey sweep us across bridges, passageways and gates into an immersive and sensory experience through time and space. Thus, between East and West, between past and present, both connoisseurs and amateurs are invited to share intimate, sensual and refined moments, if not surprising, spectacular and grandiose. With an approach that combines research, invention, and re-creation, mixing secular and sacred musics, dances and songs, Into the Winds stirs the imagination of its audience while telling stories both singular and universal.

From the gothic breath of trumpets that filled the first cathedrals to the songs of the troubadours that celebrated courtly love and the ethics of chivalry, from the bright sound of shawms at balls and feasts to the offhand virtuosity of tambourines and recorders improvising in princely palaces, both mind and body are ceaselessly challenged by adventure, contemplation or discovery. Ever eager for novel sensation and risky moves, Into the Winds conveys the spirit of times long gone with elegance, simplicity, authenticity and commitment, juggling instruments, grooving like a Big Band, full of gusto and the sheer joy of sharing.

© Bertrand PICHENE – CCR_Ambronay


Works by Guillaume de Machaut, Josquin des Prés, excerpts from The Red Book of Montserrat, Le Manuscrit du Roi, or anonymous airs.

Into the Winds

Anabelle Guibeaud, Adrien Reboisson, Marion le Moal, shawms, bombards & recorders

Rémi Lécorché, slide trumpet, sackbut, recorders

Laurent Sauron, percussion

* The musical promenade:
two concerts at the Valloire church (different programmes), the first at 11 am, the second at 5 pm.
In between, a hike to the hamlet of Poingt-Ravier, a picnic on the alp with the musicians and a Libre-cours lecture by Gaël de Kerret : Contre-ténors ?

In September 2019, Into the Winds wins the Early Music international competition at the Oudemuziek Utrecht festival.
Into the Winds is supported by EEEMERGING+ – Emerging European Ensembles – and the Centre culturel de rencontre at Ambronay.