2021 series:


Petit Abécédaire avisé à l’usage des festivaliers

A 7-part series (French version only), bi-weekly publication.
Written by festival volunteer Marie-Hélène Finas.
To keep busy during the summer, we have prepared some reading material!
Directly related to the theme of the 12th edition of the Festival Valloire baroque:
“HEROS OR SEMI-GODS, mythological figures for countertenors”,
Marie-Hélène Finas has planned for us a journey through chosen words and expressions, names of famous… or less famous… authors, composers and interpreters, and some books or works, with her “short and astute ABC for festival-goers”!
Let’s follow this 7-part series to get some knowledge (or review a bit) before complete immersion during a week of music from July 24th to 30th!

A for Artaserse
B for Baroque, Bartoli, Britten
C for castrat and contre-ténor
D from Dieu, dieux, demi-dieux to Alfred Deller
E for Ercole amante by Francesco Cavalli
F for Falsetto, Fagioli and Farinelli
G for Glück
H for Haendel and haute-contre
I for Idomeneo, from Campra to Mozart
J for Josquin des Prés, Jacobs René
K for Johann Kuhnau
L for Lascia ch’io pianga by Haendel
M for Moreschi, Reinoud Van Mechelen
N for Naples and les castrats
O for Orphée
P for Porpora
Q for Quinault
R for Rossini and les castrats
S for Barbara Strozzi
T for Tessiture
U for Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria by Claudio Monteverdi
V for Leonardo Vinci and Dominique Visse
W for Into the Winds
X for Xerxès or Serse by Haendel
Y for Yawhé
Z for Domenico Zipoli

1st episode: Short ABC: A, B, C – part 1 (French only)

2nd episode: Short ABC: D, E, F – part 2 (French only)

3rd episode: Short ABC: G, H, I – part 3 (French only)

4th episode: Short ABC: J, K, L, M – part 4 (French only)

5th episode: Short ABC: N, O, P, Q – part 5

6th episode: Short ABC: R, S, T, U, V – part 6

7th episode: Short ABC: W, X, Y, Z – part 7


2020 series:


or All not quiet on the Eastern front

A 9-part series (French version only), weekly publication.
Written by festival volunteer Marie-Hélène Finas.
1st part / 1er épisode : THE HOLY EMPIRE or All not quiet on the Eastern front (French) 2nd part / 2e épisode: Evolution (French) 3rd part / 3e épisode : Austria: At the Habsburg court (French) 4th part / 4e épisode : Hungary: Dances of the Nations and Hungarian Dances (French) 5th part / 5e épisode : Bohemia: Curiosa and Mirabilia, the “stylus fantasticus” (French) 6th part / 6e épisode : Poland: Airs and dances alla Polacca ! (French) 7th part / 7e épisode : Bohemia: Glorious Mysteries – Biber’s Rosary Sonatas (French) 8th part / 8e épisode : Moravia: In the library of the Prince-Bishop of Kromeriz (French) 9th part / 9e épisode : Bohemia: Jan Dismas Zelenka – Sancto Wenceslao (French)