All not quiet on the Eastern front

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Trailer of the 2020 festival:

Teaser of the 2020 festival:

Press conference on April 2nd, 2020:

Dear festivalgoers, dear friends,

The organizing team of the Festival has implemented a set of sanitary measures so that you can safely enjoy the concerts in the context of the Covid-19. We are soon expecting the official green light for our plan.
The “Saint Empire” program is confirmed – a total of 8 concerts and 4 “libre-cours” conferences, as you can see in the program below.
We have rescheduled all the “La Traverse” concerts to 2021, as well as concerts planned in the Maurienne valley.The ticketing has opened on June 10th. Considering the small number of available seats for the concerts, we encourage you to book your tickets online as soon as possible from the “Tickets” page.

We hope to have the pleasure to welcome you this summer in Valloire for a well-deserved breath of fresh air and musical delight.

Until then, take good care of yourselves.

Dominique Longchamp
President of the Festival Valloire baroque




2020 Programme

Le Saint Empire

Saturday July 25th, La Traverse (the Off)
Valloire enchanté RESCHEDULED 2021
Sing-along concert – Marie-Claude Hoyrup, direction

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Saturday July 25th
Austria: At the Habsburg court
Stravaganza, direction Thomas Soltani and Domitille Gilon

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Sunday July 26th
Libre-cours lecture by Zsolt Kalló
Sunday July 26th,
Hungary: Dances of the Nations and Hungarian Dances
Capella Savaria, direction Zsolt Kalló

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Monday July 27th / Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne RESCHEDULED 2021
Sketches of Europe, at the crossroads of the Renaissance and Baroque
Rinascere, direction Adrien Ramon and Cyril Bernhard

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Monday July 27th
Bohemia: Curiosa and Mirabilia, the stylus fantasticus
La Rêveuse, direction Florence Bolton and Benjamin Perrot

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Tuesday July 28th, La Traverse (the Off)
The woods so wild RESCHEDULED 2021
Le Consort Brouillamini, direction Florian Gazagne

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Tuesday July 28th
Poland: Airs and dances alla Polacca !
Clematis with Maïlys de Villoutreys, direction Stéphanie de Failly and Brice Sailly

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Wednesday July 29th, La Traverse (the Off)
An evening in Rome with Christine from Sweden RESCHEDULED 2021
Les Léonides, direction Clémence Hoyrup

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Wednesday July 29th
Libre-cours lecture by Hélène Schmitt
Wednesday July 29th
Bohemia: Glorious Mysteries – Biber’s Rosary Sonatas
Luceram, direction Hélène Schmitt

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Wednesday July 29th / Saint-Alban d’Hurtières CANCELED
Poland: Airs and dances alla Polacca!
Clematis with Maïlys de Villoutreys, direction Stéphanie de Failly and Brice Sailly

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Thursday July 30th, Musical promenade
Moravia: In the library of the Prince-Bishop of Kromeriz
Libre-cours lecture by Gaël de Kerret: The Holy Empire, a melting pot of music styles?

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Friday July 31st, La Traverse (the Off)
The Jerusalem way RESCHEDULED 2021
Alkymia, direction Mariana Delgadillo Espinoza

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Friday July 31st
Libre-cours lecture by M. Štryncl
Friday July 31st
Bohême : Arias italiennes, Folie et Hypochondrie… de J.D. Zelenka
Orchestra Musica Florea and solists Gabriela Eibenová, Zuzana Kopřivová, Sylva Čmugrová, Roman Hoza, direction M. Štryncl

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