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La vie en rose – A journey through 18th-century Europe

Wednesday July 30th 2014 – 17:00 Scierie de Benoît (Benoît’s Sawmill)
Ensemble Watteau
Ensemble WATTEAU
Founded in 2013, the Watteau ensemble proposes to reconcile the traverso and the recorder, two instruments often deemed at variance with each other, yet both present in pieces from the late baroque repertoire. Driven by curiosity and the joy of playing together, the four musicians wish to explore new repertoires and discover the masterpieces of our cultural heritage.
Jennifer BRUNJennifer Brun traverso

Born in Haute-Savoie, she studies musical theory and the transverse flute at Megève. She receives a literary education, then decides to devote herself exclusively to instrumental training : the transverse flute at Chambéry and the traverso. Eager to extend her practice of period instruments, she joins Geneva’s Haute Ecole de Musique in 2011, and studies for a BA while teaching the transverse flute in neighbouring music schools.
Hilde SKOMEDALHilde Skomedal cello

Hilde Skomedal first trains in Oslo, then at Lausanne. The winner of various prizes and scholarships, she starts a professional career as a chamber musician, performing at a number of festivals. She joins Geneva’s Haute Ecole de Musique where she perfects her skills in baroque cello. As a cello continuist, she is led to research the art of emphasizing the text through instrumental techniques. Fascinated by baroque dance, she is also exploring the intimate, vital bond between music and movement, under the guidance of choreographer Béatrice Massin.
Damien DESBENOITDamien Desbenoit harpsichord

Still quite young, he develops a keen interest in the harpsichord and early music. He attends the Grenoble CRR where he simultaneously studies the harpsichord, the recorder and the organ. He then enters Geneva’s Haute Ecole de Musique, focusing on the study of the harpsichord, often working with Florence Malgoire, Serge Saitta, Bruno Cocset, Gabriel Garrido. He has performed at various concerts and recorded a number of CD’s, whether as a soloist, an accompanist or improviser, for example with the Musiciens du Louvre. In 2012, he founds his own ensemble, Flumina, greatly acclaimed for its performances. .
Marie BARBIERMarie Barbier recorders

First studying music in the Paris area, she enters Geneva’s Haute Ecole de Musique in 2011 where she prepares a BA, practicing recorders, singing, the harpsichord, also starting the lute and the oboe. She completes her training with many renowned flautists. She also attends various training sessions in the applied arts, the history of art, and the performance arts like dance and circus, now wishing to bring together those various forms of art. She regularly appears on stage, whether as soloist, orchestral musician, choir singer or conductor.
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